Voter Eligibility for Expired Members


            As we get close to our endorsement meeting on August 6, 2016, we want to ensure our current and inactive members have every opportunity to have their voices heard and votes counted.    While July 7, 2016 was the last day to join the Caucus in order to vote during the Endorsement meeting, there is a limited opportunity for those with lapsed memberships.

            According to the bylaws,

“…A person who renews membership within 365 days 
of the expiration date of the previous membership shall be eligible to vote immediately upon renewing membership.”

Caucus Bylaws

              This simply that means if a person renews their membership within 365 days of the date the membership lapsed, that person may immediately vote on Caucus business.

              For example, if a person attends the August 6, 2016 endorsement meeting and their membership expired September 16, 2015, if they pay their dues the day of the August 6 meeting, that renewed member can immediately vote, because it is within the 365-day renewal period. However, if the person’s membership expired August 5, 2016, and that person paid their dues on August 6, 2016, immediate voting is not allowed, as it has been more than 365 days since the date membership lapsed.  The renewed member would have to wait 30 days before voting on Caucus business.

             The Caucus endorsement process is member driven and again, we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be part of the process.  

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