The Caucus Congratulates San Antonio on Passing Non-Discrimination Ordinance

HOUSTON - The Houston GLBT Political Caucus congratulates the City of San Antonio for passing a non-discrimination ordinance that extends protections to citizens on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and veterans status.  The ordinance passed by a vote of 8-3 on Thursday, following testimony by more than 2,000 citizens.


"San Antonio has taken a great step forward to protect the freedoms and liberties of its citizens." said Caucus President Noel Freeman.  "It is still legal in Texas to fire someone for being LGBT or deny them housing.  The message this ordinance sends is that such discrimination is not welcome in San Antonio."

The passage of the ordinance leaves Houston as the only remaining major city in Texas without an inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.  Protections exist for employees of the City of Houston through an executive order.  A non-discrimination ordinance was passed in 1984 but later repealed through a ballot initiative.  Passage of a new non-discrimination ordinance remains one of the top priorities of The Caucus, and San Antonio's victory clearly demonstrates the momentum continuing to build during a year that has been filled with victories in the fight for GLBT equality.

The key factor in passing a non-discrimination ordinance in Houston is to retain supportive votes on City Council and replace supportive votes that are term-limited in the November election.  To contribute toward efforts to pursue a non-discrimination ordinance, you can make a contribution on our DONATE PAGE.

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