The Caucus Releases Its Statement on the Subpoenas to the Pastors - “The Caucus Expresses Its Support of Mayor Parker”

The Caucus releases its statement on the Subpoenas to the Pastors
“The Caucus expresses its support of Mayor Parker”

October 17, 2014

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Maverick Welsh

The Caucus releases its statement on the Subpoenas to the Pastors
“The Caucus expresses its support of Mayor Parker”

HOUSTON, TEXAS—The Houston GLBT Political Caucus supports Mayor Annise Parker in defending the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). Subpoenas were issued to certain pastors in the litigation over HERO earlier this week. These requests have triggered a national dialogue about the appropriate scope of the City of Houston’s inquiry in that matter. The Houston GLBT Political Caucus fully recognizes the need for the City of Houston to conduct discovery to which it is legally entitled about the claims and defenses in this suit. The Caucus will not substitute its judgment for the judgment of the City’s outstanding legal team, which has access to all of the information in this case, and the equally capable presiding judge, whom we trust will appropriately balance the interests of those involved.

The Caucus recognizes that any time that the government acts in a way that could be perceived to infringe upon civil rights, all civil rights organizations, including ours, should take notice. We applaud Mayor Parker and her legal team for recognizing that the City should request as little as is necessary to defend this suit. Mayor Parker immediately and voluntarily acted to direct the City’s attorneys to narrow the requests to these pastors--witnesses in this matter who participated in the gathering of political petition signatures. Mayor Parker advanced the civil rights of our community in advocating for a passing HERO, and she once again champions the civil rights of even those with whom she disagrees. Unfortunately, the pastors in question continue to seek to deny basic civil rights to the LGBT community, so we would like to remind everyone that the fight over HERO is about our civil rights. We call on the plaintiffs and the pastors associated with them to drop this litigation immediately. Then, the freedoms that these opponents of equality reserve to themselves may finally be enjoyed by Houston’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens.

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