The Caucus launches new interactive website

We are very excited to introduce a new and improved experience with our new interactive website, powered by Nationbuilder.

When I was elected president in 2011, one of the first commitments I made was to explore options for improving our technology as well as implementing secure, third-party hosting and management of our data (membership, donor information, voter IDs, etc.) in order to take the pressure off of our volunteers who have to maintain and update all of that information.  We also wanted to take steps to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of our data.

All of the platforms we looked at over the last couple of years proved to be incredibly expensive, ranging from $200 to almost $1,000 per month.  Costs like that are simply not sustainable and would prevent us from achieving our core mission: electing equality-minded candidates.


Updating our website has been cumbersome for years and required us to always have someone on the Board who knew enough to hard code HTML to make certain updates.  This new platform minimizes the need for hard-coding, and allows for much easier and more efficient updating of our website by future leadership.

One great feature we have added is the ability of members to view their membership information, particularly expiration dates, online by signing in to our website.  Previously members had to email or show up at a meeting to find out when they needed to pay dues.  Our new website displays and updates this information automatically.  You can even setup your membership to automatically renew every year.  There are still a few bugs we are working out, such as upgrading a membership from basic to Liberty Fund (it can be done, but right now you have to cancel the membership you wish to replace and rejoin under the new membership type).

Please note that we are in the process of entering membership details into the new management system.  We have more than 900 members, so this might take some time and your membership information may not show up just yet.  If you are eager to get it updated, just send us a note on Facebook and we will see what we can do.

We have also been able to reduce some of our costs by integrating email messaging into the "back office" of our site, which allows us to move away from other more expensive platforms like Constant Contact.  We also had problems last year in the middle of an election when Constant Contact thought we were spamming our subscribers and shut our account down for several days.  

There are a lot more features we could write about endlessly, but we're sure you will see these features for yourself as you spend more time interacting with the new site.  Thanks for checking it out!

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