The Caucus Releases a Statement on the Deaths of Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen

       HOUSTON, TEXAS—The Houston GLBT Political Caucus sends its condolences to the friends and families of Chyna Gibson (known as Chyna Doll Dupree) and Ciara McElveen, two Transgender women who, in less than 48 hours apart, had their lives violently taken from them. Chyna Gibson was shot eight times, according to news reports, and Ciara McElveen was stabbed multiple times. 

       To say that safety is a concern for the Transgender, Intersex and Gender Nonconforming community is an understatement. Transgender people, particularly women, particularly women of color, are harassed in multiple ways from not being able to use facilities to being murdered for simply being who they are. Even in death, they fall victim to misgendering and being called names not associated with their being (“deadnaming”).

        In these trying times, we need to be there for the Transgender, Intersex, and Gender nonconforming community more than ever, as the attacks are ongoing and multilayered. 

        When one hurts, we all hurt.  Therefore, this cannot be their burden to carry alone.  Their lives have value, purpose, and are worthy of love and protection.

       Chyna and Ciara’s life had value, purpose, and were worthy of love and protection. 

       We must work to ensure that #TransLivesMatter.  Because they do.

Rest in Power Chyna and Ciara.


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