Article XVI Political Action Committee


Consistent with the laws of the State of Texas and Rules of the Texas Ethics Commission governing Political Action Committees, the Caucus maymaintain a Political Action Committee (PAC) for the endorsement and promotion of candidates or any other direct political advocacy permitted by Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. The name of this organization is the “Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC.” The treasurer of the PAC shall be appointed by the president with the consent of the Board of Trustees and shall maintain a designation of treasurer with the Texas Ethics Commission. The board members shall serve as officers of the PAC. All members of the Caucus are members of its PAC. All by-laws of the Caucus shall govern the business and activities of its PAC.


PAC meetings shall be held on the same day as membership meetings. Endorsements and other votes on direct political activity must take place at a meeting of the PAC. When required, the general membership meeting must be suspended or adjourned and a PAC meeting must be called to conduct PAC business. A special meeting of the PAC may be held with a minimum of 28 days notice to the Membership and need not occur on the same day as a general membership meeting.

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