Article XI Mailing List


The membership mailing list, including all membership records, and voter ID database (mailing list) are the sole property of the Caucus and are to remain confidential at all times. The Board shall ensure their confidentiality. No one may have access to the membership list or mailing list for non-Caucus business. Misuse of the membership or voter ID (Mailing) list shall be considered malfeasance. The voter ID (mailing) list or the membership list may not be disseminated to any campaign or candidate directly for any purpose, but the membership list may be used by campaigns and candidates as long as those efforts are joint efforts with the Caucus and the Caucus maintains control of the list. Notwithstanding the requirements of this provision, the board may vote to enter into written agreements with other organizations that benefit the Caucus and/or help the Caucus further its goals, provided that those agreements require confidentiality on the part of the other organization and restrict the use of the information provided to the purpose for which the agreement is executed. No board member who holds an official position or volunteers regularly with a campaign or candidate shall be given access to Caucus membership or mailing lists in any form, and said member will be prohibited from serving on any Committee with access to these lists.

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