Article IV Voting


The right to vote on any Caucus business shall be extended only to any person who has been a Member for at least 30 days or since the date of the last regular meeting, whichever is later. A person who renews membership within 365 days
of the expiration date of the previous membership shall be eligible to vote immediately upon renewing membership.


Caucus votes shall be conducted by a show of hands, unless a majority of the eligible voting members at the meeting vote to conduct the vote by a secret ballot.


The President shall appoint a Membership Committee which shall verify the credentials of voters for all elections, candidate endorsements, and when further requested by the President or the Board of Trustees (hereafter termed the
"Board" or “board”). Voters shall be presented a ballot or other token by which to cast their votes.


The Presiding Officer of a meeting may appoint an Election Committee to conduct any election. Candidate representatives shall be permitted to observe the canvassing of votes in their respective races.

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